Terrazza Solferino, Torino, Italy - Postmodern solutions in a classical setting - Terrace Receptions, Cocktail Parties and Banquets in Turin, Italy

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Our name, Terrazza Solferino, comes from our truly wonderful terrace looking at Piazza Solferino, the heart of the Torino 2006 Olympics. Although Terrazza Solferino has been in business for only two years, our terrace receptions (with a capacity of 100) are already the talk of the town, and offer a perfect blend of elegance, tradition, and contemporary style. Our experienced staff may assist in organizing receptions of any size and style, from a cocktail to a exclusive reception or corporate event.

imgWe have attractive conventions with the best names of the Torino food scene, and are always hunting for new, best and more original cocktail, dinner and lunch arrangements catering to the the different needs of our very diverse clients.

By taking your event to Terrazza Solferino you do more than organizing a routine reception. You offer to your customers and friends a piece of the very heart and soul of this city.


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