Office Rental and Receptions in Style in Torino, Italy

Renting an office space is only a matter of technology and prices. Right? Wrong, at least in Torino (Turin), Italy, home to the 2006 Winter Olympics and twice elected as world capital of culture and book publishing. At Terrazza Solferino, our technology is constantly updated to match the highest possible standards, and our prices are more reasonable than you may expect. But we do love this city, and we know that in Torino style is the name of the game.

terrazza solferinoWe do not offer one hundred standardized offices with cheap furniture and posters on the walls. We have a very limited number of offices for those selected customers wishing to conduct their business with a touch of elegance. Terrazza Solferino is located in the very heart of the city. The area maintains a unique late 19th century flavour, yet our premises are only one block from Atrium, the core of the postmodern Olympic city.  Most of the offices have stained glass windows, stucco ceilings and wooden panels dating back to what has been called the Golden Age of Turin’s Art Deco, recently restored before the opening of the new Office Center. We also enlisted the grand names of contemporary Italian design in order to create a unique setting for each office, and harmonize antique and modern works of art. Most offices also include paintings by celebrated 20th century Italian artists, including Athos Faccincani and Cesare Peverelli. Most definitely, not the common, anonymous office space usually offered for rental.

We offer full-time office space of different size, accommodating from a one-person small office to a four-person fully equipped branch office, with multilingual secretary services, the highest Internet speed available in Italy, centralized printing and fax facilities.

Our clients may also use the central meeting and conference room, with a seating capacity of 80, Art Deco original stained glass windows, and a contemporary three-panel celebration of Art Deco specially created by contemporary artist Monica Seksich . Our name, Terrazza Solferino, comes from the truly wonderful terrace looking at Piazza Solferino, the heart of the Olympics. Although the Office Center has been in business for only two years, our terrace receptions (with a capacity of 100) are already the talk of the town, and offer a perfect blend of elegance, tradition, and contemporary style. Our experienced staff may assist in organizing receptions of any size and style.

By renting an office or organizing an event at Terrazza Solferino you do more than doing business. You rent a piece of the very heart and soul of this city.


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