terrazza solferino 032Terrazza Solferino and Alliance Business Centers Network

Terrazza Solferino is part of Alliance Business Centers Network, an alliance of more than 600 independent business centers in 35 countries. Members of Alliance Business Centers Network remain independent – and fiercely so. In fact, Alliance Business Centers Network is the opposite of an international franchising operation. It is an alliance which implies co-operation and reciprocal quality control among independent centers whose strength is precisely the fact that they are privately and locally owned and aims at the higher segments of the market through unimpeachable quality. Our membership in the Alliance Business Centers Network does not imply any change in the ownership, quality and costs of our services. But it does offer to you as clients substantial advantages. You can reserve at Terrazza Solferino, with preferred rates and quick service, offices, conference rooms and virtual offices in more than five hundred cities throughout the world (including Milan, Padova and Rome). Clients renting an office (as opposed to a mere virtual office) at Terrazza Solferino, may reserve and use free of any charge a conference room in any of the 500 cities served by the Alliance Business Centers Network (subject to availability, but non-availability is quite rare), for one business day once a month. That includes, again, Milan, Padova and Rome. The advantages when you need a quality meeting room for one day in expensive cities such as London, Paris, Brussels, Los Angeles, Beijing or Shanghai (but don’t forget Milan) are quite obvious. The offer is not transferable to third parties and is not cumulative (i.e. if you don’t use the offer for one business day in July you will not have the right to two business days in August) and refers to one day per calendar month. You need to reserve three business day in advance and in some cities you may be requested to pay a penalty if you reserve a room for one given day and then don’t show up.

Alliance Business Centers Network is continuously expanding and very often offers promotions with external suppliers. For instance, you can organize virtual meetings where you and your clients all call the same number and share both a telephone conversation and a Powerpoint presentation set up by you by using Premiere Global Services (you should contact Premiere through Terrazza Solferino rather than directly in order to get the preferred rate). Also, you may rent a Hertz car in Europe with a 15% discount. The advantages offered by our membership in Alliance Business Centers Network are many. Discover them at Terrazza Solferino.


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